Разрабатываем и продвигаем сложные web/mobile сервисы

Создание сложных сайтов

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Works on the basis of FrameWork Laravel

The main advantages of work
with us

We create functional sites with excellent service.


Do not lose money on support, use our CMS

We update our CMS and your site will receive the latest updates constantly!


Do not lose money on marketing. Earn!

We are working on the marketing component as much as possible. (E-mail, SMS - marketing + Discount Coupons)


Premium users who help you

We have worked out a 2-tier bonus system for those who will help in promoting your site.


Be confident in the security of Your website

Our system is not distributed free of charge and we provide it only to Hix.one customers. Get maximum protection


Know your visitor, user, client

We store all the information for each visit. Know your customer. Analyze and understand how best!


Do not lose money on speed. Time is money!

We will launch a corporate website, service, ICO for you as soon as possible. Save your nerves!


Stay informed where your finances are going

Reports on the work done on your project online. Stay informed where your finances are going!


Modify the system for your project

We do not limit you to opportunities. We help you to do what you need to save on basic things!


Unique UI / UX design

Create a cool design for services and corporate sites. Convenient for customers!


Rapid development

Quickly develop a website. Ideal solution for testing ideas.


Design for every taste

Create a unique style of your project.



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Within 20 hours of specialist work

Free logo every customer

Until March 31

Client part

Login through social networks

Simplify life to visitors

Instant registration

  • Registration through Facebook
  • Registration through Google
  • Connect any system to enter

Automatic language detection

  • When you click on a direct link to the site - the user will be transferred to the language page
  • When you go to a specific page of the site - the user will remain on it

Sale of domestic currency. Crypto.

Private investor's office

ESPECIALLY FOR ICO. Let your customers to buy your tokens

  • 50+ currencies
  • Connecting any currency for receiving, we can also connect all
  • Currency conversion on the fly
  • Statistics on all translations online

Offer users bonuses for promoting your site

BOUNTY - user bonuses

Provide your partners with online statistics

  • The number of clicks on the links per day
  • The number of clicks on a specific link
  • The number of clicks on the referral link and information on where this link was placed

Partner team

  • When you click on a direct link to the site - the user will be transferred to the language page
  • When you go to a specific page of the site - the user will remain on it

Administrative part

Unified office for translators

Convenient to maintain multilanguage

ВAll text and code from the project is sent to a single translator's office. Preliminary transfer occurs through translate.google.com

  • A unique multilingual system, we make it so that you can easily support an unlimited number of languages. Much more convenient than any other CMS
  • Division of translator rights into languages
  • Translation of both the site itself and articles, news, mailings.
  • Translate.Goolge API. Significantly speeds up the transfer time by providing a preliminary transfer. The translator corrects the translation.
  • For translators, a single tape of translations and automatic notification of the need to translate, this approach makes it easy to translate a large number of languages (if necessary, we can provide our translators).
  • Easy language addition.
  • Adding news / articles / newsletters with automatic notification of translators about the need for translation. As soon as the translator does the translation, it will automatically be sent.
  • Adding goods (if necessary) so that it is convenient to post articles

Чёткий маркетирнг

Тригерные сообщения

E-mail письма | Pop-up | SMS
По времени, по событию, по дате

  • Зашел на сайт
  • Зарегистрировался
  • Пришел с Facebook
    • Пришел с определенной группы
    • Пришел с определенной страницы
    • Пришел с определенной рекламы
  • Пришел с Twitter
  • Пришел с Telegram
  • Пришел с Google реклама
  • Пришел с Vk.com
  • Просматривал страницу товара
  • Оставил товар в корзине
  • Купил товар
  • ...любые Ваши пожелания

Create unique letters

E-mail constructor

We have greatly simplified the creation of letters. Now your customers will always receive current information from you.

  • Programmable blocks
  • Latest news
  • Adaptability of letters
  • Creating a letter - from admin
  • Generate coupons for discount users

Know your customer

All information for each user

Know your visitor - know your client - know how to advertise properly!

  • From visitor to buyer
  • Where did the visitor come from
  • What did your user read until he became a client?
  • What letters were sent, what letters did you read, what links did you use?
  • When did you visit, what did you look at?

Create a unique offer for partners

Build a long-term partnership - Bounty

2-tier bonus system

  • 5% bonus for each transfer by referral link and marked page
  • 5% from the profit of the participant
  • The system stores all conversions across all sites.

Links - without referral


Monitor location

Install country settings

Know where your client comes from and simplify his life!

  • Change the price ratios for goods and services depending on the country
  • Send letters only when the user is awake
  • Specify the necessary currency for payments

Convenient addition of content

Add easy content

Block editor

  • Easy copying of text from docs.google.com
  • Automatically send text to translators via translate.google. Make life easier for translators
  • Simple content selection
  • Easy adding links
  • Easy video upload
  • Easy video upload

Monitor all transactions

All statistics on transfers

Control payment receipts

  • Get information on receipts
  • Monitor payments
  • Cancel payments

The structure of our CMS

How does our CMS

Works for framework Laravel

Administrative part
  • Translations (all translations on the site from the code and admin panel + korektur)
    • Language selection
      • Site
      • Blog
      • Catalog
      • ...
    • Translation adjustment
  • Bounty (The system of awarding participants for the promotion of the resource)
    • Members Bounty (Active users)
      • Member Information
    • Transitions from sites
      • Where visitors came from (link to sites and general statistics)
        • Link information (where the visitor came from, who owns the link, who registered)
  • Shop (goods - shutdown is possible)
    • Product List (Active Users)
      • Add / Edit Products
    • Coupons (coupons that are used on the site are attached to users)
      • Adding / editing coupons
  • Transactions (transfers to site accounts for goods or services)
    • Transactions in $ (for the purchase of goods and services)
      • View transfer information
    • Transactions in Crypto (for the purchase of tokens, goods, services)
      • View transfer information
  • Users (users registered in the system)
    • Sort by languages, parameters
    • User
      • Info (general user information, language, time, receipt of funds)
      • Access (change of access rights)
      • Shopping goods (orders issued by the user)
        • Transaction reference
      • Shopping Tokens (tokens that the user bought)
        • Transaction reference
      • Bounty (bounty statistics by day)
        • Bounty Information for a Specific Day
        • References user where the transition was made
        • Company members (users are tied to a member and for which he makes a profit)
      • Transaction history (user transactions)
      • Login history (from visitor to user, all pages visited)
      • Change Password
  • marketing (management of mailings, letters, sms)
    • Mailings (mailing statistics - sent, read, signed, unsubscribed)
      • Add / Edit Subscription [modular add mailing]
    • Triger actions
      • E-mail letters | SMS | Pop-UP (actions on certain events)
        • [User has logged in]
        • [User has registered]
        • [A user logged in with Facebook]
          • Specific user
        • [User logged in with Vk]
          • Specific user
        • [The user logged into the site with Telegram]
        • [User logged in with Twitter]
          • Specific user
        • [The user went to the referral link]
          • From a specific user
        • [User logged in from a specific site]
          • From a specific user
        • [User bought the item]
        • [User bought tokens]
        • [The user followed the link in the letter]
        • [Received user]
    • Standard letters, SMS (letters that are hard-wired into the system)
      • Editing pages
  • Texts (website text management - news, blogs, pages, WhitePaper)
    • Blog (management of articles on the site)
      • Add / Edit News
      • Adding / editing pages on the site
    • WhitePaper - генерация WhitePaper на основе html. Удобная поддержка мультиязычности.
      • Создание, редактирование страниц
  • Client part
    • check in (instant registration via Google+, Facebook - social networks transmitting user's E-mail)
    • Personal Area (The system of awarding participants for the promotion of the resource)
      • Info (general information on orders, purchases)
      • My orders
        • Order information (time, order date, amount, status)
      • My tokens (information on purchases of tokens)
        • Buy Tokens (Bitcoin, Etherim, Wave...)
        • Transaction history
      • Bounty (general information about the participant)
        • My links (links to pages on the Internet on which the user left links)
        • Sources of transition (from where they followed a referral link or pages)
        • My users (users from whom the user gets 5% profit)
      • General settings (user account settings)
        • My favorites (what the user added to favorites)
        • My subscriptions (subscription management + SMS)
        • Login history
        • change Password
    • Add link (quick addition of links - as a referral link, after adding all users who have switched from this page will be tied to the user)

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